Premio Sottile Slim Cassa Custodia Case Cover Shell // V00002648 Parc central // Apple iPhone 4 4S 4G


Premio Sottile Slim Cassa Custodia Case Cover Shell // V00002648 Parc central // Apple iPhone 4 4S 4G

Premio Sottile Slim Cassa Custodia Case Cover Shell // V00002648 Parc central // Apple iPhone 4 4S 4G
    Premio Sottile Slim Cassa Custodia Case Cover Shell // V00002648 Parc central // Apple iPhone 4 4S 4G

    You may have heard it in the news, this past March, more than 250 advertisers left Google’s advertising platform. Among them, some of the best established brands in the world: P&G, L’Oréal, McDonald’s, Volkswagen, etc. Why? Because their ads on Youtube were displayed on content that is considered extremist. In other words in a non brand-safe environment and where obviously they do not want to be associated with. So, despite their success, social media platforms might not be such an incredible advertising solution sometimes. 

    Social media has very poor editorial control

    Advertisers tend to turn towards social media advertising because of their massive audience and low-cost ad placements. But are they truly the key elements to look for? Maybe not. According to a study conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, only 48% of marketers see a ROI from social media advertising*. Why is that? According to the study, the main purpose of social media advertising is brand awareness. But this can only be achieved on platforms that can guarantee brand safety. Therefore this is where social media platforms are not so good at, as they have Genuine MadCase Clear Transparent Ultra Thin Slim Crystal Back Cover Case for Apple iPhone 5 16GB 32GB 64GB includes Screen Protector and Cloth Design Italien Bleu Marron
     they distribute. 

    The tools that they set up to report “dangerous” content are simply not powerful enough to review everything that is published (400 hours of videos uploaded on Youtube every minute!) on these platforms. It’s a manual process that takes care of this currently: users report what they assume is “illegal” content and professionals verify it afterwards and decide whether to delete or keep the content flagged. Artificial intelligence programs are now in development to replace these archaic methods. But even though AI can for sure be useful and be able to identify hate, racist or violent content, the road to brand safety on social media is still long. Youtube admits it in an internal memo: “with the volume of content involved, this can never be 100% guaranteed”. The situation is the same on all other social media platforms.

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    Les 40 milliardaires français recensés l'an dernier par le magazine Challenges seraient-ils prêts, à l'instar de Bill Gates, à donner la moitié de leur fortune ? Le 4 août 2010, le fondateur de Microsoft et le financier Warren Buffett signaient, avec 38 compatriotes, ultra-riches, un "giving pledge" : l'engagement moral de verser, de leur vivant ou à leur mort, au moins 50 % de leur patrimoine pour servir des causes d'intérêt général. Depuis, 17 autres les ont rejoints, dont le génial inventeur de Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, à peine 30 ans, qui confiait : "Il y a tant à faire, pourquoi attendre la fin de sa carrière ?" Le seul Français de la liste s'appelle Pierre Omidyar, fondateur d'eBay, émigré aux Etats-Unis à l'âge de 6 ans... 

    Ni alcool, ni tabac, ni café ne sont en accord avec son mode de vie, pas plus que les nuits endiablées : le chanteur dort  Kroo Pochette/étui style tribal urbain pour Verykool S5510 Juno Multicolore Brun Multicolore White and Orange
    . « Moi, je n’ai jamais été un noceur. C’est peut-être ce qui m’a protégé », précise le père de Théa, 16 ans et de Tom, 8 ans.

    Le 13ème album d’Indochine , enregistré l’année dernière dans le plus grand secret, sortira à la rentrée, avant une nouvelle tournée prévue en 2018.